Addressing Rules

You are applying to me when you are 100% sure what result you would love to get.
Or your 100% readiness to serious long-term co-operation.
A good stiff result requires time and an individual approach.

Please always tell only the truth of your true purpose and intentions.

No one will ever know that you requested my assistance.
Particularly I guarantee the confidence of the correspondence

You will stay in permanent contact with me until our work and covenants are completed.
You will briefly and clearly describe the state and manifests of the work or absence thereof.

You do not break the rules that you will be overstated.
You do not address with the following requests “to cure in 24h” and similar nonsense.

Do not attempt to generate pity and compassion because this is useless. I am not a psychologist, but a magician. And this is my profile. Therefore, focus!
You have a problem, I provide you with the solutions and, depending on your choice, I act.
If you are given a psychological support, there is no hope for you to become happier.

Your obligations in front of me are:
– The obligation to report to me on all not standard facts and manifestations that may be associated with the running magic work;
– The obligation to forget the magic work for some period of time since any emotions impede the emergence of the result on the physical plan.
Tell me truth about your real goals and intents.
In case you are in breach of your obligations, our agreement will be canceled.

And please, keep in mind the rules of decorum and mutual respect in the course of communication!
You need help. Therefore, behave in line with this status.

Don’t request simultaneously anyone else’s assistance.
Simultaneous solution of one problem by two different practitioners may lead to the most unpredictable negative consequences.

“In order to get something, one should sacrifice something equivalent.”
In your case, the equivalent sacrifice means the amount of financial donation, fee payable to the operator for the work, and investments into the tradition.

“The Result = Payment” or “Payment upon Result”

The result you want requires exact compliance with the covenants.
For the purpose of impact the biological materials and latest photos are needed.
If you have only a photo, the probability of the result would be lower.

Prepayment for the major rituals will be mandatory.
Prepayment for the call to collect materials will be mandatory.
Payment for purchasing the materials, heave-offering, etc. will be mandatory.



Fault Finding: fortune-telling/view on the issue of availability of spoilage, homemade anvil, curse, love spell, flap and etc. practiced on you or on a person you are interested in. If one does guess-work on events – this is called the fortune-telling, if there is required to install the problems of magical nature that haunt a person (family, business and etc.) this is called the fault finding procedure.
Fault finding is carried out using the card reader taro, runes, pendulum, wax, scan and etc.

Witchery: this destructive impact with the aim of causing harm to health, relations, business and life in general.
The types of witchery – disease, poverty, sterility, loneliness, alcoholic drinks like vodka/drug addiction, death, depression, house and etc. Witcheries are carried out through the impact on the things of the victim, biological material or photo through the application of various magician techniques, for example, settle nearby ghosts, spirits, the court room of a different order.

Ghosts: This is an unconscious energy vampire that does harm within the person´s bio field. The person himself creates them by his energy and his desire breathes life to them. Therefore, ghosts filled all the living space and are present everywhere, because there may exist for a quite long time: from a few seconds to infinity, if there is a person nearby that fuels their energy.
Manifestation: a person is so dependent on his desires that could not cope with feeling seedy until he satisfies his desire, for example: addicted to alcohol, drug addiction, bulimia, shopping and etc.

The spirit: a parasitizing spirit that represents the aggressive energy of deceased persons who did not have the capacity for some reasons to leave this world. In fact, such spirits are represented as the ghosts who need the energy of the living beings. This spirit could be also a deceased relative.

The essence: This is a reasonable creature of other plans of Genesis that has never been a human being. Among the creatures are found including representatives of the demonic hierarchies. The creature’s global task is to get a slight amount of energy from the victim withdrawal of the astral plane of the human body.

Settling nearby ghosts, spirit or substance may have both a temporary and permanent nature.

Signs of injection:
– disturbance of consciousness;
– complete apathy, lack of interest in life;
– the emergence of sub-personality, of a “second I” at the mental level;
– the deterioration of the so-called side view;
– the intermittent visual, organic vapors and hearing illusions;
– a radical change of flavors and passions;
– almost continuous depressing condition, accompanied by aggression;
– regular nightmares;
– the lack of time to sleep, more time required for recreation;
– frequent appearance in a dream of dead relatives;
– general fatigue, lack of energy.

Prior to any impacting one should undergo diagnostics:
– set out the details of your matter / situation / problem.
– send your photo, photo of the concerned people and your common photos.
– specify the first names, last names, dates of birth, additional information, whether there are children, etc.
– whether there is any access to the person/place/home of the one subjected to operation / impact.
– have you got any biological materials (nails, hair, saliva, items, etc.?).
– describe clearly and precisely: What exactly would you like to get finally, what kind of the result is desired?

Consequently, the following information will be served to you:
– what kind of problem/situation do you face (real / imaginary one)?
– what is the problem’s/situation’s quality and complexity degree, is the result possible?
– what is the problem’s/situation’s solution possible?
– information required, cost of works, timelines, risks.

Against your request you will get:
– instructions on collecting the biological materials.
– what factors form the cost of the works.
– actions prior to the works commencement / after the works completion.

For the purpose of you problem diagnostics:
– send your photo, photo of the concerned people and your common photos.
– set out the details of your matter / situation / problem.
– specify the first names, last names, dates of birth, additional information.
– make up and send me the list of your questions;