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Working with me  

is your steadfast confidence in the results and a feeling of security and safety.

My services


A set of works to restore relationships, harmonize, return loved persons and their entry to a new level. Complex work at the physical, energetic and mental levels. .**

I will help you win back your love , improve the relationship and bring it into harmony with one another. We work on a physical, energetic and spiritual level.

Remove effects

Business / Finance / Relationship Restoration, Entity Removal, Doom cleansing, Love Charms and Theft Magic.**

I am able to break black magic rituals, the love spell or the lapel

Tarot & Clairvoyance

I divine and tell about the present and the past. You have a good opportunity to get important information about health, work, relationships with relatives, colleagues, friends and family.


I protect you and your family from evil eyes looks and damage, envious people and grudges. From failure and loss to business / family / relationships.

Staging spirits and essences for protection and success.**


Find out your future, reveal the mystery..**


Shamanic rituals for healing (physical and mental). Trance rutuals and working with the subconscious (unconscious) **

Providing specific rituals
and individual solutions.

I help to find a way out of the most difficult situations, to find freedom and find a way and a place in this world.

I will help you get out of difficult crisis situations and return what you want.

Secular education in psychology, healing** and shamanism** and integrative medicine helps me
to approach work with a person in a comprehensive manner and achieve a high-quality result*..

Customer reviews


Ron, thank you for your teaching and for this valuable information, it is very beneficial and essential to me. I learned a lot and it changed my life. It's very pleasant to talk to Ron. You are a wonderful person and a teacher.


There was a big problem with my wife - she cooled down and left home. Suspected of treason. I didn't want to get divorced as we have kids. I decided to find a magician in order to understand the reasons and return her. First, I was deceived on the portal "Union of Mages of Russia" and pulled out the money ... After that I found Ron and in 2 months we returned her. Now more than a year has passed, we are doing well.


Good evening, there was a situation, it’s even embarrassing to speak. Well, in general, if in a nutshell, they returned my beloved to me, I cheated on him. I suffered for a long time, did not understand what to do. Bumped into Ron. I refused to cool my feelings. Ron offered to understand the problem and bring him back. Everything is as before, even to admit, it became much better at home. What would I do without you! Thanks!


Hello, I want to tell you that I really liked your consultations and diagnostics, the training was very intense - so over time I would really like to return. I believe that work should be paid. You helped me so much to understand my life and not go the dark path. I wanted to tell you this.

Contact me

Private WhatsApp & Viber: +37281387071
Write to manager (WhatsApp): +18573460195
Call – USA: +18573460195 EU:+498921541157

You can contact me for help from anywhere in the world. There are no distances for the Forces in our worldly understanding!

I will answer your questions and help!
I work personally and remotely with people from all over the world.
In severe cases, departure and personal reception is possible.

Dear Clients!
Payment, invoices, official documentation and correspondence, if you wish, I conduct through the International Center “Forthelm”.
This is your security guarantee and mine. Communication in the process of work is already personal and confidential.
Nobody will know that you have contacted me.

If I don’t pick up the phone or answer your message, don’t be upset and don’t worry, most likely, I’m working and will answer as soon as I’m free.
Dear customers, in case of emergencies, be sure to leave a text message so that I would contact you urgently.

ATTENTION! When ordering a call from the site, check your number !!! If you enter your number incorrectly, I will not be able to call you back.

Sorcerer | Witch Doctor.
I work officially.
Invoicing possible.

    * result *, solution and power may differ in each case. depends on the physical, psychological and mental state of the client. does not guarantee a quick and 100% result * and changes. does not imply truth. does not imply physical acquisitions.

    ** abilities of an esoteric and philosophical nature, not confirmed by official science.

    *** for adults only. practitioners are not responsible for the psychological state of the client after the completion of the work. nevertheless, the client is obliged to inform in advance about possible psychological problems and contraindications of a mental nature. upon detection of mental abnormalities and / or critical emotional instability of the client, it is possible to terminate work with a partial refund.

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